HelloFresh: Is it worth the money? My Hellofresh Review!

You have probably seen the HelloFresh ads and heard someone raving about “not having to plan supper”.  But you keep wondering, “is HelloFresh really worth it?  Are the meals going to be any good?  Is there going to be enough to actually feed 2 or 4 people?”.  At least those were the questions rolling through my mind.  What about the veggies?  Were they going to show up at my door wilted?  And would the meat be cold???  Well I took the plunge and ordered…and now I love it!
HelloFresh: Is it worth the money? My HelloFresh Review. *Disclaimer: I may be compensated from product(s) listed in this post.  This helps pay for my bills and does not cost you anything extra.  Read my full disclosure here.

Pros of HelloFresh:

  • You do not have to plan supper, thaw frozen meat, or do anything until half hour before you want to eat
  • Delivered to your door
  • Never missing ingredients for your supper
  • Grocery shopping is fast
  • Ingredients are FRESH
  • Meat is Hormone and antibiotic free
  • Recipes taste gourmet
  • It costs less than eating out and is better quality
  • Never skip your veggies; the meals are quite healthy
  • I’ve never had to cut an onion yet for a HelloFresh recipe!  (They have all been pre-cut 😀 yay…no more crying in the kitchen!)

Cons of HelloFresh:

  • Expensive compared to shopping and preparing meals yourself
  • May not be enough for leftovers
  • Only available in 2 or 4 serving plans
  • No diet specific plans available except vegetarian
  • Produce is not Organic

I think all the pros clearly outweigh the cons.  So quit thinking about it and order your HelloFresh right now!  Sometimes you just need a break from the monotony of cooking!  At least I do.  Although my husband was quite skeptical at first, after a week of eating delicious meals, he was happy with it.  And I was happy.  Oh so happy that I actually had some extra time to work on the things I wanted to do (it wasn’t cooking!).  Plus I look forward to these pre-planned suppers.  I feel excited to try new flavors and the food turns out awesome every time!

My First HelloFresh un-boxing!


As you can see from the facebook Live I did (sorry!  It is not the best quality!), the ingredients came packaged with ice packs in a cooler style box.  Everything was fresh and cold.

The HelloFresh Meals I’ve tried with Reviews

Every meal I’ve made so far (I’ve done 3 weeks!) has been delicious!  My husband, who is quite picky, has liked them all along with our three kids (ages 6, 4, and 1 1/2)!  There was one sauce he wasn’t sure of, but it just used a flavor combination he had never tried before.  The “Family Plan” of 4 servings is enough to fill us all up and occasionally we have a few leftovers!

How it works – Meal Prep

I love that everything you need is delivered straight to your doorstep. Open the box and you will find that all the ingredients for each meal are in their separate brown labeled bag, except for the meat which is at the bottom on top of the ice packs.

As you can see, not everything is cut up.   Usually some of the vegetables need to be chopped.  This ensures that the ingredients in the meals are fresh.  Some things such as potatoes, squash, and onions (thank God!) may already be pre-cut.  Of course all the sauces and spices are measured out so that saves time.

Note:  You do need a few basics such as salt & pepper, and oil to make these recipes.  Personally, I try to eat fairly clean (it doesn’t always work out, but I try!) so it is nice that I can choose to use a good quality oil.

Finished Product – The HelloFresh Meals We have Tried

Check out the quantity!  This was the “Saucy Steak” meal.  The balsamic sauce for the steak was awesome!  They told me exactly how long to cook the steak so I didn’t over-do it either.  That rarely happens.  I am the type of person to forget something in the oven or leave it on the pan too long as I am trying to do a million other things!  Typical mom stuff.  I learned how to make awesome rosemary potatoes in the oven from this recipe!

Note: One of the steaks was quite “chewy” so it must not have been the best cut.  The rest, however, seemed fine.

Here are a few more of the meals we’ve tried!  They include Pork Tacos, Almond Crusted Chicken, and a Glazed Chicken Teriyaki.  My hubby is the kind of guy to be afraid at a classy restaurant to try anything ‘different’.  So, even though the flavors were much fancier than what I usually do, he loved everything.

hellofresh-prepared meals

Summary – Why everyone should try HelloFresh at least once!

You really do not know what you are missing out on!  HelloFresh is like taking a cooking class in an exotic land.  Except you don’t have to go anywhere.  The flavors are in your own kitchen, and the recipes are easy enough even for lazy, short-cut taking cooks like me!  The excitement of having some amazing new recipe to try ends my day right.

Yes, it is a little pricey but you pay for the convenience.   After all, time is money!  Normal price ends up being around $10/serving.  You pay more than you would by shopping and cooking your own stuff but it is cheaper than a decent meal at a restaurant.  And the meals are seriously comparable in flavor to anything I would expect from the Keg, Moxies, or Earls.  Likewise, they are healthy with plenty of veggies and seasoned mostly from simple, wholesome, ingredients.  It is great to have a “fancy” meal in my own home, using top notch ingredients for the same price or less than take-out!  And I definitely enjoy the little bit of extra time I get from cutting down a few meal times!

You can usually find discount coupons on facebook, or if you have a friend who has tried HelloFresh, get a code off of them!  You will save money and your friend will get money on their account for your referral.  Win win. 😀

If you would rather use my referral, click here to order your first box at a discount here! 

Click on this link to be redirected to the Canadian site!

I hope you love it as much as I do!  Let me know what you think in the comments!

Take care!

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