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by Rachel Matthews • August 23, 2022


Rachel Matthews  Mom, Explorer, Blogger

Hi! I'm Rachel...a 30-something year old mom of 4 who, like most moms, is usually wiping snotty noses (and worse!), scrubbing grime, and constantly keeping up with the barrage of laundry, cooking, and peace keeping!  

Besides the usual Mommy tasks, I find joy researching about things we need, finding beach houses I can dream about purchasing, or planning our next family travel destination - local or international.  I love hiking, camping, traveling and finding awesome decor ideas on Pinterest (which take forever to  Also, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to share your expertise and experiences with others- which is why I started this blog!  I hope you will find it useful!

Interested in Family Travel with kids, babies, and/or toddlers?  We have done it!  Check out my website for family travel and destination ideas!

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