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Thanks for checking out my blog!  I write about things to do around Alberta and specifically Grande Prairie (where we live!), family adventures, and the Mommy lifestyle.  Life as a mom can get monotonous, so I hope to help add some fun and save time with easy recipes, activities to do with the kids, gift ideas and much more.  

Looking for family travel tips and inspiration?  Check out my other website all about family travel!  And, since traveling with more than a couple can take a small fortune, I will also be sharing how we afford to travel at least every year (usually twice or more!)!

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In my (very limited) spare time, I love researching travel destinations, looking up international real estate (I need to know where we’re going to retire!), and planning local adventures to keep my family fit & busy!  My dream is to make enough money eventually to support us so we can become a snowbird family.  That may sound greedy, but I am Canadian and I do not like our long winters!  Plus, I would love to expose my children to other cultures.

So follow along in my journey (or do it with me!  We could have some good pool parties…you like mojitos right???!) and get all my knowledge, travel adventures, and stories of the terror my munchkins (whom I really love to death) put me through!  You can keep connected by signing up for my newsletter below and following me on social media!

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