Father’s Day.  It rolls around every year but I still never know what to gift Dad (or my husband!).  Then, I put it off and end up scrambling at the last minute for something special and unique.  Sound familiar??!  I’m sure you do it too!

The ultimate father's day roundup! Cards, crafts, DIY's, printables, gifts, and recipes for dads special day.
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Men are just so hard to shop for! Once in awhile my hubby will say “oh that is really cool” or “I need something like that” so I catalogue it in my mind… excited that I am ahead of the game and know exactly what he wants! Then, the next day, he will come home from the store with it! This drives me crazy!!! Do us women ever do things like that??? Never!!! I make it soooo easy for him! All I need to do is walk through a mall and I can point out at least 50 things I like!!!

Anyhow, I started doing some research this year to get ideas and was surprised by how many great options there actually are. Here, I have compiled a whole bunch of different articles from other awesome bloggers all about father’s day stuff. From homemade and store bought cards and gifts, to DIY’s and crafts you can do with your kids for Dad (or by themselves if you trust them!).   I even included recipe roundups for the perfect father’s day brunch or BBQ. You will find something to make your Dad feel truly special! And if not…he buys too much crap!

Cards for Father’s Day

Fathers Day cards - find a roundup of homemade, free printable cards, and best cards for Dad to buy if you aren't the creative type!

Homemade Father’s Day Cards

Your kids will have tons of fun making their own creative card for Dad! Below is a list of several sites with great ideas for making that personal Father’s day card without spending a dime.  With all the options, I’m sure you will have a hard time choosing just one. 😉

Crafty Morning has a bunch of fun fingerprint, handprint, footprint cards and lots more.
13 DIY Father’s day cards by Canadian Family
Father’s Day Tie Card
Handprint Star Wars Card
40 Cards the kids can make

FREE Printable Father’s Day Cards

I love finding an awesome card that can be printed in seconds, is free, and requires no creativity from me!  I am more of a numbers kind of gal and really would rather not do anything too creative.

Love these simple, fun printable cards by Landee
Mr. Fix-It printable card
4 more here by the Dating Divas
Make your own pop-up card!
3D Tool Box Card


Unique Father’s Day Cards to Buy

If you are not into arts and crafts, head over to Etsy for some awesome, creative Father’s Day Cards and support small business! Here are just a few good ones…

  1. Funny card
  2. Insanely awesome Father card
  3. Marvellous Dad card
  4. Another Funny card
  5. Love you pops card

And this card is super cute for those of us with little kids…sleep thief!!! That’s all I’m gonna say, check it out for yourself 😊

Don’t have time to order an online Father’s Day Card?  Head to your closest Dollar Store or Canadian Tire (they have cards for a buck or two!). Most Dads end up throwing them away in a day or so anyhow, so don’t spend too much!


Father’s Day Crafts, DIY’s, and Printables

I found some amazing ideas for Father’s Day DIYs, crafts to do for Dad, and printables.  Why not make the holiday a blast for the kiddos as well and let them decorate to their heart’s content?!  They will also enjoy making Dad his own gift and I’m sure Dad will appreciate the sincere thought put in to a day just for him.

Printable geeky glasses, a toolbox coupon book, and a father’s day banner are just some of the fun ideas you will find at Dreaming in DIY.
DIY cufflinks, lawn games, printables and more gift ideas at “Celebrating with the Bug”
50 Father’s Day décor, free printables, and gift ideas
Printable coupons, and more DIY’s to do with the kids from Frugal Coupon Living.
12 Tasty gifts from About Family Crafts
Free Printable – A Book About Dad
Father’s Day Crafts for kids that are Preschool Age plus
Personalized Printable book for Dad
Father’s Day Chalkboard Art Printables
Scrabble Picture Frame in 10 minutes


Father’s Day Gifts

Here are some of the best ideas (in my opinion) for Father’s Day Gifts!  Many of these I have bought in the past as a present for my husband or Dad and were loved!  Plus, all the items on this list (except 1!) are under $100!

The very best father's day gifts that any Dad will love!

Himalayan Salt Block

For the BBQing Dad, this Himalayan Salt slab adds a lot of flavor to your veggies and meats.  This one (through amazon) even comes with a cookbook so you know how to use it.  We leave ours on the BBQ and I usually throw smaller veggies on it so they don’t get burned or fall through the grates.

Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Grooming kits tend to be a popular trend and this one in particular is Amazon’s best seller!

Carnivore Club Gift Box: Jerky and Meat Sticks

Sports Action Camera/Camcorder

My husband wanted me to put a GoPro on this list.  You know…one of those camera contraptions that attach to a helmet so videos of your extreme (or not so extreme) sports can be recorded.  :p  Well, they are pretty pricy, so I opted for this version that is much cheaper yet has loads of 5 star reviews.

JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I bought this for my hubby’s birthday and he uses it all the time! It was worth the few extra bucks since it beats listening to tunes from our phone speakers by a longshot!

Personalized Engraved Tie Clip

My husband’s tie clip cost more than this engraved one, yet his is plain!  I think this is a great deal and extra special!


Who doesn’t want one of these?! This drone is amazon’s best seller and yes…it still comes in under $100!

Ice bucket

Our ice bucket gets used every time my hubby has his buddies over. He fills it and heads to the basement where they can mix their drinks at the bar while watching the game.  These ice buckets are so handy!

Photo Travel Mug

What is better than a personal coffee cup? A travel mug!

Photo IPhone Case

A very personal yet budget- friendly gift for Dad!

Folding Multi-tool

What guy doesn’t like tools?! This folding multi-tool could really come in handy!

5 ingredient cookbook

I saw this cookbook in Costco and instantly thought of my hubby!  It has simple, quick, recipes with delicious looking pictures.  Perfect for a guy like mine that says, “he doesn’t know how to cook”!

Personalized Leather Wallet

You get what you pay for.  And when it comes to wallets, leather is usually best. To make it extra special, this wallet can be personalized!

Whiskey Glass

He could have the coolest glass around!


Anyone who owns a Yeti always raves how they can keep drinks cold for days!

Washer Toss

Washer toss is one of our favorite games to play outside.  It’s portable and small enough to take camping or over to our friends.

Need more ideas??! 

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Dad

  1. Gift cards – such as Canadian tire, Amazon (it has everything!), a sporting goods store, or a Tim Hortons gift Card (for us Canadians!).
  2. Whiskey or other favourite booze.  Okanagan Spirits distills some smooth Whiskey and has received world class awards for their fruit liqueurs.  The cherry is my favorite!
  3. Check-out Groupon for awesome Father’s Day deals that can be bought, printed off, and given just like a gift certificate!

Feeling creative??  Make your own Minibar in a Jar. Or some Homemade Beef Jerky that you can make in the oven, or a bed-sheet board game!


Father’s Day Recipes

Ultimate Father's Day Roundup - Recipes

We can’t forget about food!  So here is a roundup of enough recipes to keep you cooking until next year!  These are all Father’s Day specific meal ideas with a typical Dad’s tastes in mind (think plenty of meat dishes!).

Recipes for every meal of the day, dessert included!
35 Manly Main dishes!
30 Fun and delicious recipes that both Dad and the kids will like!
A collection of recipes from Male Bloggers
40 recipes from Julies eats and treats

I hope you now have some inspiration to show Dad how important he is!  The kids and I will have a blast doing some of these!  Do you have any other awesome ideas that I may have missed???  Please, share them below in the comments or let me know how your father’s day celebrations went!

Take care and please share this post!

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