Lazy-Man’s Easy Healthy Chocolate Avocado Pudding

This lazy-man’s easy, healthy, chocolate, avocado pudding ticks all the right boxes! If you are anything like me, you’ve been eating way too much junk since this coronavirus isolation has started. Or maybe that’s because I’m pregnant…hmm…either way, I have been craving sweets!

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So I bought some avocados and made my “lazy-man” version of a chocolate avocado pudding. It is sweet, satisfying, and oh so smooth! Plus, it is way healthier than a regular chocolate pudding recipe!!! In fact, this is the only pudding I make my kids.

All you need is 4 ingredients:

*You could sweeten this with honey, coconut sugar (although may not be as smooth), or even dates that have been softened by soaking in water. I like maple syrup because it blends in easily. I’m all about making recipes simpler…if there’s too many steps involved, I probably won’t make it!

Lazy-Man’s Easy Healthy Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe

Directions: Add avocados, real maple syrup and organic cocoa powder to blender. Blend. Add more Cocoa powder or syrup until you reach desired sweetness/ chocolatey flavor! Add a little water at a time until you achieve desired consistency. I usually start with about 1/4 cup.

Note: I always eyeball my measurements so they do not have to be exact!

I usually buy my maple syrup and organic cocoa powder (it is the Rodelle brand) from Costco. But, amazon also has good maple syrup and organic Cocoa powder if that is easier for you! (And the “Anthony’s” brand I’ve had before and liked).

*This recipe was inspired by using several different recipes off of Food.com and eventually using the ingredients I liked to come up with my own version!

Enjoy and let me know how you liked this healthy chocolate pudding recipe in the comments below! Don’t forget to save this recipe by pinning for later!

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